nvr 4 کانال هایکویژن DS-7604NI-K1

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وضعیت کالا : موجود نیست

کد محصول : nvr 4 کانال هایکویژن

nvr 4 کانال هایک ویژن

Recording resolution up to 8 MP
Parallel video outputs: HDMI (4K/30Hz, 1080p/30/60Hz) / VGA (1080p/60Hz)
Max total bandwidth (input/output): 40/80 Mbps
Support of 4 IP cameras (Hikvision or ONVIF-compliant)
Support for one SATA HDD up 8 TB
Support for H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264/MPEG4 video compression
VCA functions (face detection, crossing of virtual line, area intrusion detection etc.)
Support for ANR function
Channel 0 - possibility to monitor all cameras with minimum demand for network bandwidth
2x USB 2.0
Audio input/output
Monitoring of statuses of LAN, cameras, HDDs

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